Day 132

1. On my early morning walk with the puppies, strolling past a bush loaded with purple and yellow flowers.  But when we got closer to the bush, the yellow flowers flew away!  It turns out the “flowers” were actually small, brilliant finchesIncredible.

2. Falling into a great stride.  (Metaphorically and literally.)

3. Being surprised by what I saw when the elevator door at my yoga studio opened:

Just this.  No passengers.  The sight was strange and perplexing – yet also oddly funny.



2 thoughts on “Day 132

  1. sarapolton

    Alright my three daily delights:
    1. I made vegan biscuits from scratch and watched my friends enjoy eating them (I love cooking for people)
    2. Waking up to a clean bedroom (that is MAGIC)
    3. Going to my very first winery!

    Keep up the awesome blog!


    1. Stef Post author

      1. Vegan biscuits? From scratch?! I’d love the recipe if you’re willing to share.
      2. That is *totally* magic. Definitely a delight.
      3. Fun!
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words – I appreciate it!



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