Day 125

1. Sitting on a heating pad after an intense yoga session.  Mmmm…the soothing action is delicious.

2. Playing fetch with Charlie for the first time since his surgery a few weeks ago.  Our puppy is coming back strong!

3. Watching a beautiful video.  I love creative, fun expressions of peace.  If you can spare 5 minutes, I think this one is worth your while.



4 thoughts on “Day 125

  1. sarapolton

    My three daily delights:
    1. Floating down a river on a tube drinking beer with my friends.
    2. Eating veggie pizza and watching the hunger games (lol wow I really like food)
    3. Reading this blog!


    1. Stef Post author

      1. Floating is perhaps one of my favorite feelings. That, and ‘flying’ (i.e., the sensation I have experienced in dreams, on roller coasters, and on a few plane rides).
      2. Veggie pizza – mmmm….
      3. Aw, thank you ! 🙂


    1. Stef Post author

      You are very welcome. Thank *you* for the nice comment about Charlie – it’s so good to see him getting better with every passing day.



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