Day 108

1. Dining with an older-and-wiser friend.  I deeply value the mentorship and friendship of other strong, confident women.

2. Seeing a 10-year-old boy ride his bike “no-handed” for the first time ever.  Such glee on his face and in his body!

3. Seeing an albino squirrel – and being able to snap a picture of it!

If you look closely, you can even see his red eyes.


11 thoughts on “Day 108

  1. A Well Wisher

    I’m not able to do that..although I’ve attempted it a few times before…riding a bike with no-hands… I think the reason has more to do with my guts than anything else…


    1. Stef Post author

      When I was a kid I could do it (the road needed to be semi-straight and not too hilly; but if those conditions were met, I could go for 5 minutes no-handed). But yes, it was a little scary at times. And now? No way. 🙂


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