Day 100

1. Wearing a “Falling Whistles” necklace and getting to tell the story behind it (only to people who asked) – and with each telling, remembering exactly how lucky and genuinely blessed I am.

2. The look I got from the cafeteria cashier when I tried to pay for a large leaf of lettuce and two slices of tomato.  (All I needed were toppings for a sandwich I brought from home.)  He furrowed his brow, scrunched his nose, frowned his lips slightly, then asked, “Just salad and tomato?”  When I responded with a chipper, “Yup!”, he waved me along and said, “No bother.  Go ahead.”  Awww, thanks!

3. Reaching post #100.  Woot!


4 thoughts on “Day 100

    1. Stef Post author

      Thanks! So far this has been a super fun experience – and a delight to get to meet up with interesting (and supportive!) people like you. 🙂



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