Day 99

1. Experiencing a blast of cold, dry air as I opened the door to the office this morning.  It was a delightful contrast from the steamy, hot weather Ma Nature continues to bring us.

2. Feeling like I added some value at work today.

3. Seeing a license plate that reminded me of my dad.  (He’s a biochemist that does R&D [research & development] in a lab.)

(Please note that this photo was taken while all cars were stopped at a red light [including mine].) 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 99

  1. A Well Wisher

    It seems your country offers the freedom to snap photos whenever you feel like!

    You know, in the country where I live..if you take photos without the consent of whoever-happens-to-be-on-the-other-side-of-the-camera, you’re likely to get a slap on your face (especially if the “photographed” happens to be a woman)!! Outrageous, right?! (I myself had such narrow escapes from angry people.!!)

    The fact that the license plate of the (Toyota Prius??) is being clearly displayed is what prompted me to say all this. As a safety measure, I usually blurr such details (using a program like Photoshop) while I upload such photos onto an online media. But then again, your whole point is on the license hehe… And no, I’m NOT saying that you too should blur out the images like that.. I just contrasted the situations in the place where we reside.

    There was something else that I wanted to say.. Err…your photos are great, but your camera isn’t. Or rather, some photos on some posts are brilliant, but some others, like the one on this post have seriously deteriorated image-quality. The way I see it, there are two possibilities (that I can think of) to this one happening:

    1. You might be using your camera at home, and while on the road, you snap things using your mobile camera (which isn’t as good as your actual camera). And you might have happened to touch the camera-lens of your phone from time-to-time, which made it all the more blurred.

    2. Both your camera and your phone might be brilliant, but your car windshield may have dust or such things.

    And…hehe, a part of my mind tells me that this comment is more that likely to offend you…..but as usual…no offense!!


    1. Stef Post author

      Hi Well Wisher, thank you for your comments!

      As a general rule, I do ask for consent when I take pictures if the image is not “public domain” (i.e., if the image is of a person, or of something personal) – like I did with this post: But if an item is out in the public where anyone can view it, and it’s not a “confidential” item being displayed by accident, I feel it’s okay for me to take a picture of it. As a general rule, I also blur out specific information within a picture that may indeed be personal, or that may promote a specific business or organization (which I try to not do); you can see one example of me doing that in this post (though I have done this in many past posts):

      I’m certainly not a professional photographer (nor am I even a good amateur one), but that’s not really important to me. My objective in sharing pictures in this space is to help convey sentiments that may be more impactful expressed visually than through words. The camera I use is the one in my iPhone, and some of the images are grainy instead of sharp because I used the zoom function within the phone’s camera to take the picture. And yes, my car window is also a bit dirty. 🙂

      I don’t take any offense to your comments; I appreciate you thoughtfully reading the content I write, thinking about it for yourself, and taking the time to send me an honest-yet-respectful reply. I think this is the foundation of terrific dialogue and conversation, and I feel touched and blessed that you value me/this space enough to want to engage. So thank you for your comments! Truly. 🙂



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