Day 94

1. Feeling genuinely joyful and joy-filled, for no particular reason.  (Which is perhaps the best ‘reason’ of all!)

2. Running with the puppy for a few minutes – super fun!  And wonderful to see that he still has some spunk in his aging body.  🙂

3. Getting tender hugs from my sweetie after a challenging time at the vet.


6 thoughts on “Day 94

    1. Stef Post author

      Overall, yes. Two weeks ago Jojo (the smaller one) twisted his ankle playing ball; and after a few days of not getting better, we took him in to the vet. She didn’t think it was broken, so she prescribed some anti-inflammatory meds for a few days – and said if it wasn’t better within a week, to come back. It’s been two weeks since the incident, and Jojo is still limping a lot…. so we went back today. Our appointment was at 3 pm, but we weren’t seen until 4 pm (!!). [Trying to keep a scared puppy calm for an HOUR is tough work, and emotionally taxing…] The vet decided to take an x-ray to see what was going on – and she discovered that the little guy has two plates and 10 screws in his two front legs (1 plate and 5 screws per leg). WTF?! He also has arthritis. So… the upside is that the tweak from 2 weeks ago wasn’t a break or a tear; the downside is that it probably aggravated the plates and/or arthritis. So he’s on pain meds for a while (perhaps indefinitely – we’ll see how attempts at tapering go), and both of the guys are on a daily dose of glucosamine from now on.

      A long answer to your brief question… 🙂


      1. Crowing Crone Joss

        wow. what an experience. I mentioned to my daughter who has worked at vet clinics for years, about your long wait. She felt that was way too long and also suggested, next time, check in and let them know you’ll be waiting outside or in your vehicle. They are exactly in the home they need right now, for sure.


      2. Stef Post author

        It was WAY too long – and they knew it. Unfortunately, it was also 90 degrees (F) outside – so waiting either outdoors or in the car wasn’t really an option. 😦 But a good thought in more moderate weather.


  1. rutheh

    Oh my. I was wondering when I read that about the vet visit. Don’t try to take him through airport security.
    Sorry you have this challenge and hope the limp improves.
    Thanks for all your nice visits to the blog and your thoughtful comments.


    1. Stef Post author

      Yes, I don’t think air travel is in either of our boys’ future.
      My sweetie and I knew when we adopted older dogs that we would be in for some challenges; I just wasn’t quite ready for *all* of the challenges we have been faced with, starting right at week 1.
      But, as Cesar Milan says, “You don’t get the dogs you want, you get the dogs you need.” Apparently I have lessons to learn that these guys get to teach me.
      You are most welcome for the blog visits and comments; keep on truckin’ lady! Your images always impress me.



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