Day 47

1. Seeing a turtle on the pool cover at my parent’s house early this morning. A terrific way to begin the day.

2. Walking with my dad.

3. Talking with my mom.


4 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. firstandfabulous

    I went to our May Fair in town today and I thought of you. These two things ‘delighted me’. I laughed out loud a lot!

    Saw and heard a woman sneezing so hard and loud that she bent at the waist. When I turned and saw her straighten, I read this on her t-shirt: ” Make Some Noise”

    A little girl squatting in the middle of the street, flanked on her left and her right were dozens of antique cars. She had an adorable pink sundress on and she looked so cute. As she squatted and bobbed up and down a little her dad asked, in a very matter of fact tone: ” Are you doing poo poo?”. The child grunted in response and I laughed – right out loud.

    Ok, a little more information than most, but funny.


    1. Stef Post author

      Definitely funny! And ironic, too (i.e., #1). Love them both! 🙂

      (And I *love* that you thought of me, too. The fact that this blog causes others to be more aware/conscious of daily delights absolutely tickles me!)


    1. Stef Post author

      Definitely. I know they won’t be here forever, so I work to be fully present for the moments I have with them – and then save the memories to cherish later. 🙂



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