Day 33

1. Observing the puppies get antsy for meditation to start; then feeling them get calm as we all sit in stillness.  Pretty cool.

2. Seeing a 16-year-old skateboarder face a semi-steep hill – and choose to descend it by sitting on his board instead of standing.  Too funny!

3. Sunshine.  Wonderful, lovely, upbeat sunshine.


4 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. firstandfabulous

    Picture this: Husband and I at an outdoor bar in Atlantic City, watching from a distance. A young man, obviously feeling no pain, dancing and gyrating, clapping and wiggling to the sounds of a live band in the courtyard of said bar. Very near by, on a patch of gorgeous, green grass, a tot of about two, feeling the uninhibited freedom of youth, mimicking the inibriated young man’s every move.
    I laughed til I cried.


    1. Stef Post author

      They are *incredibly* perceptive little beings. They are requiring me to become a better human (sincerely); and I’m grateful to them for that.



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