Day 22

1. Walking past a woman wearing just the right amount of a lovely perfume.

2. Receiving VERY pleasant customer service – both on the phone and in person.  Two great interactions, from two completely different people, via two different mediums – wow!

3. The sensation of wind in my hair.


2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. cherylhuffer

    How do I follow you? I am loving it! I am going to give you three again, just because I can!

    1. Getting 7 hits from Great Britian
    2. Getting a clean bill of health from the dentist (who I hate)
    3. Blaring music in my mini-van and getting looks because I probably looked ridiculous!


    1. Stef Post author

      You can follow me by putting an email address in the subscription box (top right side of the page) and then clicking on the “Sign me up!” button.

      I love *your* three delights; getting hits from an unexpected location is always fun, good news from the dentist is always wonderful (I also loathe the dentist – a lot more than the doctor), and busting out of people’s expectations is terrific (as is busting a move). 😉



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