Day 8

1. A gorgeous pink-and-orange sunrise

2. Being recognized and enthusiastically greeted by baristas at a coffee shop that I haven’t visited in months – it feels wonderful to be remembered so fondly

3. Puppies greeting me with toys as I walk in the door – so dang cute!


4 thoughts on “Day 8

    1. Stef Post author

      Hi Well Wisher! 🙂

      I tried using both the bulleted list and the numbered list options for my posts – but neither one showed up on the Home page post preview (the entry read like a crazy stream-of-consciousness deal {more so than it already is}). So I decided to “force” the numbering to appear in the post preview by hand-entering the digits myself. Make sense?

      Thanks for the suggestion, though; I do appreciate it. I hope to meet you in this space again. (And if you have a blog or website, I’d certainly be interested in visiting it.)


  1. Gemma

    Recognized fondly! I had the happen yesterday by an old student. I worried, we all worried, about him. He told me he had really done badly in middle school. Now he is on the honor roll. He was bursting with pride and I was near (happy) tears. His genuine look of pleased recognition and his success warmed my heart. I like your new blog. 🙂 I miss the veggie smile, though.


    1. Stef Post author

      What a wonderful experience for you (and him!). It’s amazing the impact we can have on others, and not even know it – until they give us the gift of telling us.

      Thank you for following this new blog of mine; you’ve given ME that same gift today. I appreciate it! 🙂



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